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contact phone: 510.590.1249


Welcome to my studio! I’m eager to get to know you and have provided some details about frequently asked questions.

My students benefit from learning to read, play and share their music, about its theory and technique in a variety of styles.

Before I give you the administrative details of my studio policy here are a few recommendations from current and past students:

“My six year old step daughter started taking piano lessons with Kadie Kelly recently, who is an adorable and energetic and really enthusiastic piano teacher. We are so happy with her way of teaching. My daughter comes home really happy and wants to talk about what she learned and practice. She is having fun and learning at the same time. If you want your child to take lessons I would recommend working with Kadie. She also teaches adults – for any of you parents out there who have yet to fulfill your life dream of being able to play.:) Her email address is” –Belen

“I want to sing the praises of Kadie Kelly, she has been the piano teach for my beloved Jazmine for over a month now, and I wanted to share with you all how personally pleased I am with the instruction Jazi is receiving. Kadie is patient, positive and very kind. Jaz loves her lessons and is doing extremely well. Thanks Kadie, we love you!” –Samsarah Morgan

“I highly recommend Kadie for both children and adults. My two daughters, ages 9 and 11, and I have been taking lessons from Kadie this past year. She comes to our home and so it is very convenient and has been a great experience for all of us. She has a youthful energy and very upbeat attitude that we all enjoy. She balances learning theory and notes with teaching songs that are fun, current and keep us engaged. I never have to remind my kids to practice, they just do it on their own!” –Jeannie

My 5 1/2 year old daughter recently started taking lessons
with Kadie Kelly, and so far we have been very pleased. She
comes to our home once a week for 30 minutes. Kadie makes
the lessons fun and has good strategies for working with my
daughter, whose silliness and energy has to be creatively
channeled to result in a productive piano lesson. Kadie’s
website is” —Carmen



Beginning students practice 10-30 minutes 5-7 days per week.  A positive and respectful attitude towards the music, practicing and myself as an instructor are essential for success. Parental encouragement to develop good practice habits is also of paramount importance. Please keep in mind that things like posture and finger position are important parts of practice habits and should be noticed as well as the quality of the sound and rhythm. If your child’s feet do not touch the floor, they will need a stool at the appropriate height to stabilize them. I will be ready to guide you as to what adjustments are needed.

Where I teach

I offer online lessons in real time with in person check-ins held every 2 months and group recitals every 6 months. Please email me for more information.


All students must take weekly lessons throughout the year, except for during studio holidays. Consistent attendance is crucial, even if there is a week of limited or no practice. If you must miss a lesson due to unforeseeable circumstances please swap lessons times for the week with another student if possible. If this is not possible and advanced notice of 48 hours is not given you should expect to pay for the lesson because your time is reserved specifically for you. Lessons cancelled before the deadline will be rescheduled if possible. Lessons cancelled after the deadline will be forfeited.  If a student becomes suddenly ill, please call me right away. We will reschedule the lesson.

Holidays and Vacations

The studio/my teaching will be “closed” for these holidays:

Labor Day (lessons rescheduled)

Thanksgiving week Wednesday-Friday

The two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day (lessons rescheduled)

Spring Break

Independence Day

I will teach on other Monday holidays. There may be a few times during the year when my own unavoidable conflicts will mean I have to ask you to change a lesson date. I will teach during the summer except for a personal vacation, which will be announced.

Tuition and Supplies

I teach 46 lessons per year and tuition is broken down into annual, quarterly or monthly payments, according to your preference. Payments are always due in advance of lessons and no refunds are given. Late tuition payments are subject to a $25 late fee. Materials usually cost between $30-40 to start.



A student is expected to commit to a full year of lessons. This is not binding, but you should plan to give that amount of time for the lessons to be absorbed.

Termination of lessons

The commitment to a full year of lessons should be broken only if absolutely necessary. In the event of an early termination of lessons, tuition should be continued for one month beyond notification. 


There are 3-4 recitals per year at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. Participation in at least 2 is required each year. Please mark your calendars when they are announced so you do not schedule business trips or vacations for these weekends. Do invite family and friends.

Piano Maintenance

Your piano should be tuned at least once a year; the technician can advise you if it needs to be tuned more frequently and can also adjust sticking keys, squeaking pedals, etc. Playing a poorly regulated or poorly tuned instrument is a detriment to developing good skills, as well as a nuisance. I can provide you with the names of reputable tuners/technicians.


Parents, please feel free to contact me at any time about your child’s progress or about difficulties. Parental involvement is the best insurance of success. The combined efforts of student-parent-teacher always produce a superior result. During each year, the parents of pre-college students of any age should sit in on at least one lesson.

Concert Attendance

All piano students need to hear great music performed live by great artists.Please take advantage of the wonderful quantity and quality of concerts in the Bay Area, especially piano recitals, from time to time.

11.8.15 recital group pic

11.8.15 recital


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