Piano Plus Summer Camp 2017

“This is my favorite camp!”

“I learned violin, drums, and piano and got to perform everyday!”

Join us for a week of fun and learning at the piano, violin and tons of great percussion instruments! We will have fun group and 1:1 instruction each day, musical games, stories, healthy snacks, outdoor playtime and close out the week with a performance for family and friends.

2 sessions available: June 19-23 and July 17-21, both from 9-12pm in Oakland the Oakland Hills (just off of HWY 13 Redwood Road exit). Instruction by Kadie Kelly, Ward Spangler and Debbie Spangler

Cost is $350/student and sliding scale for those in need. 
Email pianolessons@kadiekelly.com for more information


Photos by Peter Tamaribuchi

Rewire your brain much?

It helps to remind each other of the stages of deliberate practice and to describe to students why its so challenging–they are literally rewiring their brains!It helps to remind each other of the stages of deliberate practice and to describe to students why its so challenging–they are literally rewiring their brains! http://www.smartmusic.com/…/the-neuroscience-of-deliberate…/150517kelley792http://www.smartmusic.com/blog/the-neuroscience-of-deliberate-practice/

Summer Camp! Piano, Percussion and More

I’ve got a summer camp in the works offering an intro to percussion along with piano instruction, theory games, music history, and much more! July 18-22, 9am-12pm at Piedmont Center for the Arts, ages 5-12. 
I’m happy to announce that Ward Spangler, Principal Percussionist with the Berkeley Symphony, will be handling the percussion part of the week! 
There will be another guest artist as well. I will have more details about that soon…. 
There are only 12 spots available so if you are interested keep in mind it will fill quickly. 
The price is $400/student to be paid to Kadie Kelly Piano Studio by check by 4/30/2016. Please contact me at kadiekelly@yahoo.com to register. 
Snacks will be served, but not lunch (Let me know early about food allergies!)
If you have any questions or suggestions – please let me know! My goal is for the experience to be one your child will want to come back to next year!
I’m looking forward to a great week of music making!

I am training a new teacher to help me

I currently have 50 students on my roster, and visit 40 of them each week. I am thrilled to be this busy! I am also ready to transform from a one woman show into a school, or what I will call a “boutique piano studio,” and make my teaching style and philosophy more concrete and shareable. Having more hands on deck is necessary at this point and so I am in the process of hiring and training another person who can take on some, but not all, of my teaching responsibilities. My assistant will observe my teaching for a certain number of hours and then have a chance to teach one new segment of the lesson to mastery at a time before taking on a full 30 minute lesson. Look forward to meeting my fabulous new assistant in the near future!

Today’s Practice Tip

Try not to practice any longer than 20 minutes in one sitting. Your body and mind can focus in and achieve a lot during a short time period like this and you won’t run the risk of injuring yourself at the piano. Go and wash the dishes, do homework, walk the dog, or eat dinner. Then come back to the piano for another 10-15 minute practice session. Rest, practice, rest, repeat.