150517kelley008I have over 15 years of experience with most of my students at the beginner and intermediate levels. Playing piano has always brought me a great amount of personal enjoyment, helped me build friendships and of course provided a great creative and emotional outlet. It also built up my confidence, and provided me with a way to ultimately make a living that I enjoy greatly.

I love assisting my students along the expansive journey of developing their musical talents. I am a great match for those who wish to develop or deepen their knowledge of the basic elements of music, and cultivate the ability to play in a satisfying way. I believe performance is a great motivator to improve one’s ability and confidence and require 2-4 recitals each year.

I started playing piano at age 4 and never stopped taking lessons. I studied with local teachers all my life, and have a piano pedagogy certificate from Los Medanos College. Some of my mentors and teachers have hailed from such places as Juilliard School, Mills College and San Francisco State University.  I have a bachelors and masters degree in Public Policy from Mills College.

Also, je parle français. If you are interested in getting your francophone child or self lessons, please contact me. I have lived in France have a great appreciation for its language and culture.

Kadie’s Oakland Piano Studio

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