Summer Newsletter 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy Summer! We are already heading into July! I can hardly believe it.
Here is some information on what’s ahead this summer and into next school year too!

But before I dive into the nitty gritty of our administrative items I want to let you know how much your supporting your kids’ musical education with me means to me, and as you know, to them! Thank you for choosing me as your child’s teacher and helping them to be committed to their musical habits and expressions. Nurturing this is a life long pursuit that is made so much easier by starting young. Your children will thank you for helping them to practice and perform. It may take awhile. But they certainly will.

When I was a kid and had lessons I had a few different kinds of teachers: The strict one. The lax one. The one in between, but who had a son who went to Juilliard and was a Fulbright Scholar while I was her student. She was warm, but the environment was intimidating. My hope is that my attitude and teaching integrate these experiences and produce a warm, expecting, expressive and committed dynamic that is not hung up on classical world achievements but on very personal ones. My feeling as that with students whose hearts can attach to the music, there is hope of a lifelong journey. It takes discipline to build up the skills needed to play that piece you long to play, but there is always fun to be had along the way. It makes me most happy to see my students creating that in their practicing and playing. With that said here is the nitty gritty of how this will happen:

Next Recital

Performances build your child’s momentum and confidence. This is good. Please plan on participating in our next recital on Friday August 26th at 7pm at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, 801 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611, ESPECIALLY if you missed the last one.  Each student will be assigned a time to rehearse (5-10 minutes) starting at 5:30 that day. The recital fee is $25, due8/1/2016.



Tuition/Make-up Policy

A reminder that your monthly tuition payments are based on an annual rate with 46 lessons. As announced, two weeks coming up,July 11th and August 8th will be studio holidays. If you have other vacation plans during the rest of the summer please schedule make-ups as soon as possible.

With some planning and commitment everyone should be able to maintain their number of lessons to continue with forward momentum leading up to our recital and into the fall.

If you do not schedule make-ups in a timely fashion (3 months until they expire) your missed lessons will be foregone.


This is a policy that not only ensures I have a sustainable business but more importantly supports each student in developing their practice and performance habits, both the lifeblood of learning an instrument and making your, their parents’, “investment” in these lessons stick!

Please correspond with me as much as possible via email about scheduling. I have a hard time remembering dates/times given to me in verbal conversations as well as being able to tell you when I am available for make-ups without having my calendar and other email requests open and in front of me. I am sorry I can’t be more spontaneous. Too many balls in the air. Thank you!



Please let me know of your fall availability as soon as possible. If your regular time works, please let me know that as well as any other flexibility you have. If you or your student feel like an increase in lesson time, to 45 minutes or 1 hour is desirable I would love to make that happen. It really builds traction to have that extra time together for technical skill and repertoire development, not to mention expressive development, and performance preparation once the basic practice habits are in place.

Other events

We will have recitals in November, February and May (then again in August, repeat). Two recitals are REQUIRED each year for each student. Otherwise what’s the point?

They are usually announced two months in advance – so please make sure not to schedule any work trips or other special events on those days.
We will have an awesome summer camp this year the week of July 18th, with another one planned for next year. I am thinking of a June date for 2017, so please keep that in mind. More information will be available after this year’s feedback comes through.

Oh! And I highly recommend checking out Flower Piano at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens coming up July 7-18th, where there will be 12 pianos placed throughout the garden to play on, and scheduled performances to be inspired by.
Thank you again for supporting your amazing kids in learning music with me this year. They are always inspiring and impressing me with their excitement and joy of learning at the piano.


All the best,

Kadie Kelly


2016-17 Studio Holidays


Labor Day 9/5

11/23-28 (instead of the whole week of Thanksgiving off as earlier announced)


Winter break 12/19-1/3


Spring break  3/31-4/9


MLK Day January 16th


I will be teaching on Veterans Day, Friday November 11th

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